Handbook Formatting

Handbook pages can be linked to using double-bracket syntax.
For example, [ [Home] ] (without the spaces) will link to Home, like this: Home
You can change the link that is shown using the syntax [ [Text To Display{Home}] ] (again with no spaces), like this.

Handbook pages use normal HTML. The editor should format it for you. If you want to add more advanced formatting, use the Source Code function under Tools.
Pages can be set to redirect to other pages ("Malkavians" -> "Malkavian", etc) by using the format [ [redirect/Page Name] ]. If the page detects any of these at all, it will trigger the last-mentioned redirect.

You can embed a Handbook page in a forum post by using the syntax [ [handbook/Page Name] ]. Note that players who do not have permission to see a page will still not be able to see it when embedded.
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