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In Carpe Noctem, you play the role of a vampire. The details will vary—you may have become one recently or existed in the state for years, and you may fit into one of a wide variety of roles—but there are a set of common assumptions that your character would be aware of, and which will make it easier for you, the player, to fit into the game.

These pages are targeted toward new players of our game, but may be useful for current players as well. They summarize important game concepts and topics and introduce the setting for our game. If you have any questions you can always contact the Storytellers, the group of people who actually organize the game as a whole. You can also join our forum where you can interact with players, new and old alike.

The World

The first part of this guide focuses on introducing concepts about our world and our game. We've distilled some of the most salient topics covered in LARP 101 and LARP 201, our main rule books (linked above).

The Game

While we do our best to avoid getting too bogged down in the rules of our game, there comes a time when social interaction between two players taking on the role of their characters just isn't going to work. For example: a fight between two or more characters shouldn't also be a fight between two or more players! This section focuses on introducing some of the more important mechanical concepts that we fallback upon when we need them.

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